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Jewel's House of Cards

Welcome to my house of cards

Hello and a warm welcome to you! 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and have a look at what I have to say. Please comment, ask any questions you may have, and I will get back to you. :)

This is my first ever blog and I'm going to see how it goes. Some days I may ramble, other days may be precise. 

I suppose you are wandering why I chose "house of cards" for the name of my blog? 

It's simple, really. Not everything is set in stone. Things can fall down, get knocked down, blown away, battered, or knocked over. Nothing is safe forever and things can, will and do change. That's how Life is.

Not even a Tarot spread is set in stone, neither are the predictions given. Everything changes. I find that once I have given advice or a prediction to a client, the client's path is already changing. I've given the client information that opens their mind up to the possibilities around them or help focus the direction of their thoughts over the decisions they may need to make.

What a client chooses to take from their Reading is entirely up to them, and the direction they choose to go is also up to them. What is revealed in the spread doesn't always remain or come to fruition as the client chooses their path, the direction they wish their life to go in. Nobody else can decide this but the client themselves, and as soon as they walk out from their Reading, their life changes for whatever the reason(s) the client chooses. Or they can choose to stay as they are. And there's no problem with that. 

As I said, it's their choice, as the cards I read from are (I'll save that one for another time! ;) ).

And as long as the client is honest, more so with themselves than with me, they will receive the information they need to hear. What I mean is, the client needs to be honest with themselves. No lying or covering up. I'm not here to judge about past discretions or mistakes, if they wish to share them with me. If the client cannot be honest with themselves, the Reading can fall apart and the information the client needs to hear won't necessarily come through in the spread. Honesty is the key, in all things, but in a Tarot Reading? Most definitely.

We've all made mistakes. All you can do is learn from them, and as long as you do, there's nothing you can regret from them. Your past shapes and influences you and forms who you are today, you cannot ignore it, but you can accept it.

So now you have a small understanding of how the Cards work for me. I can't always read myself as clearly as I read for others, either. Nor can I tell you when you'll win the lottery!  If I could do that... Well, all my clients would be rich and financially independent! Lol! 

I'm thinking of doing a card of the day, or a spread for the week? What do you think, dear reader???

Ok, I guess I rambled today... Thanks for stopping by! Until next time! 

Jewel x

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