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The Importance Of Shuffling

It's been one of those days. You know the kind where you quite can't figure out why you don't feel quite right. Feeling a bit meh, and "meh" is a technical term, didn't you know? :)
So while I'm feeling meh, I thought I'd talk about why I like shuffling Tarot Cards, keeping my promise from the other day.
Shuffling the Cards is really important to me for a few reasons. One of them being that I use the process to relax the Client. It's a mundane task that allows me to talk small talk, whilst showing a way of shuffling the cards to any Client that hasn't had a reading before.
Some clients hands shake, they're so nervous about what could be revealed, fearing all the things media has projected throughout the years. Jane Seymour, James Bond, The Lovers and Death cards spring to mind, and I can not tell you how many times I have had 007 mentioned to me since I started my business.
One of the 2 key things, for me, when it comes to shuffling the cards is getting the Client's aura (or energy, if you prefer) onto the cards themselves. It helps me to get a sense of the client, from watching their body language, to the tone of their voice, to the words they choose to use. Many don't realise that they are gearing up to test me, the Reader. They may have had Readings many times over, but I'm new to them, and they need me to prove myself to them before they begin to let their guard down.
I can see their point. I'm a stranger and they will not understand that my intentions are really good, not about the pound coins I can make. If the Client leaves unsatisfied, I'm unsatisfied. I think that it's something the Client needs to understand, as it's hard to leave a Reading behind when I feel that there are many things that have not come through due to the Client's fear of being honest wth themselves, then with me.
Once something becomes blurred in the Reading, the rest of the Spread is, unless there's a moment of clarity, all it takes is one word sometimes, and it re-aligns itself into crystal clear vision for me, and the pieces of the puzzle fall back into place. Otherwise, the picture remains fuzzy and incomplete.
Sometimes it can be a bit like Q&A - I'm questionning the Client so that I know I'm going down the right avenue, especially in regards to people in their lives. At this time, I see personalities more than physical descriptions, although that is slowly changing. So I do end up on quizzing Clients who may resemble certain traits that I'm picking up on.
It can be quite entertaining when I see the penny drop on a Client's face. The surprise of who I picked up on, or why. But by surprising them, I win them over. How can I know these things when I don't know them? At times, there is a reward in that, and leaves me with a nice glow and energy buzz. The excitement between myself and the Client is palpable within me.
Even when what I pick up on isn't always wonderful, as not everything in life has been wonderful. There may still be effects on the Client that they don't realise they are still feeling and that they need to deal with, but knowing that I'm on the right path and what I can bring to the Client, is a  reward.
But what the client chooses to do with the information given to them is the Client's choice. Just as the Cards I read from are the Client's choice. Once they've been shuffled to a point where the Client feels comfortable enough, I ask them to cut the Deck into 3 piles - no, they dont have to be exact, just 3 piles - and I ask them to choose which 1 of the 3 piles they want me to read from. This is the other key point for me.
It's all about choice, their choices, not mine, and I hold no influence over these decisions. This would be the other key point for me. As the Client becomes the decision maker then. They choose to pick up the cards. They choose when to shuffle the cards. They choose when they want to stop shuffling. They choose the sizes they wish to cut the Deck into. They choose the pile they want me to do the Reading from. They choose how many cards they want me to lay out in the Spread.
The only time I touch the cards again is when I pick them up to lay them out in the Spread. If they had picked the 3rd pile instead of the 1st, or the 2nd, who knows what I might've found out to tell them. The point is, they chose, not me.
And although I shuffle the Cards inbetween clients, almost like they're being washed with my aura again, I like to think that there is a part of the client's energy that remains on the Cards. Not overpowering, just a hint of it remains.
If the Client comes back and handles them again, the Cards are more like old friends, warm and welcoming, ready to see what they can reveal the next time they meet under the Client's seeking hands.
Goodnight, and until next time,
Jewel x

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