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Laptop, My Friend

Today has been one of those day where nothing has gone to plan, Dear Reader.
Didn't make it to the Gym or Tai Chi. Didn't even manage to leave the house and I know it. *Sigh* Tomorrow is a new day and I'll be out and about for sure, 100mph winds or not.
Instead, I've managed to accomplish lots of other little things. Nearly all of it online, and yet with every item on the list checked there seems to be more items added to the list.
Like blog ideas, such as where does come from? What is the Major Arcana? Minor Arcana? Why are there different spreads? Why does the position of a card become relevant? The list, as I said, goes on...
And that doesn't even correspond to the list I had for this website. Once you start, you can't seem to stop and time slips through your fingers without you realising it.
All of this started because of going to a Business Scene event last night, called Berkshire Connections - Oh, my god, I haven't emailed the people I met either yesterday either! Just one more thing... ;) 
As I was saying before I digressed! It was a networking event for small businesses, and a talk was part of it. This talk was given by the founder of Business Scene, and set off a chain reaction in me.... And I ended up spending all of today sat in front of my favourite friend of today, Laptop! :)
Even my younger brother, C - as he dances around the frontroom to Dean Martin's Let it Snow! as the kettle boils in the kitchen!  - has said he has never seen me spend so much time in front of the laptop before! He didn't see me on my long weekend setting up Tarot Readings By Jewel either! 4am was my favourite bedtime then!
So! What have I done with my day?
I've put up the dates and times for the Annual Spread special offer, posted them all over the web with the help of Facebook and Twitter... Taken W's advice and have made use of my LinkedIn account and have updated my profile as much as possible, joined Tarot groups... All time consuming things as you have to think about what you're saying and how you come across.
I've also created Jewel's Diary, so that everyone can find where I am. Have asked for reviews or testimonials to help me create a reviews/testimonial page. Tweaked with About Jewel, adding some stats. Came up with more ideas for that page too.
Cooked dinner, dished up more brownies. Forgot to eat lunch and breakfast, drank cold tea. Finally managed to eat my dinner, and drink a lukewarm cup of tea as C played Christmas songs from NOW Xmas. 
Have asked for help to create a video to go with "The Importance of Shuffling" blog post. Any volunteers for a second pair of hands?! ;) And yes, it'll be hands only! No body or face shots! I promise!
I've also managed to watch the latest episode of Glee, just to unwind, and take pictures of Cocoa, my cat (which will one day grace Jewel's Pictures).
As you can see, it's been a day for ideas!
And speaking of ideas, any ideas for this sunday's discussion, Dear Reader???
I think it's time for a break! Maybe a brownie??? ;)
Oooh, back to my silly self . Take care, for now, Dear Reader! Send those ideas through!
Jewel :) x

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Phil Norman on 29 December 2012 10:02
Totally helpful writing on laptop issue! Just a quick note to tell you that I have a passion for the topic at hand. I was seeking forward to know about this entry. Thanks.....................
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