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Looking Forward.

Dear Reader,

I've been out and about today, gallivanting across different parts of the country, crossing over  from Berkshire to Hampshire and in to Wiltshire...

Despite the grey, drizzly weather that was softly pouring out of the clouds, some parts of the countryside were simply stunning and it was so nice to sit and see it rather than moving swiftly through, from carriage to carriage, checking tickets and answering questions. I don't think people - or rather, passengers - realise that train crews don't "see" outside of the windows. We have no time.

So today was a lovely treat for me, despite feeling a bit groggy and off. Today was a break from the questions, where some can be unbelievably stupid and make you wonder how that person functions in their job or gets through life. The accusations, as people can see your uniform and that's all they see. The phone calls regarding delays. Connection information. The day to day running of my job.

There's so much that goes into it, on my part, and doesn't cover what goes on in those little offices where big decisions are. In fact, I won't go there, as not all those decisions I agree with! Lol... :P Won't catch me there, I can tell you...

But that's what I love about Tarot. Those decisions are not made by me either, it's in the hands of the Client. :) That takes the pressure off me and allows me to focus on what I need to do, which is to give the Client my very best. 

Not always as easy as said than done, but it is what I aim for. 

I'm looking forward to next week, I have to admit. The idea of doing 4 days of annual spreads is appealing in it's challenge. Focusing on the future rather than on the past. On the possibilities.

Sometimes we all can dwell on the past too much. We can't ignore it, either, as it does shape us. Where we come from, physically and emotionally, does have an impact and acknowledging it is healthy. But I've been in the position of where I let it dominate my present and future and ignoring all of those happy prospects and possibilities.

I love knowing that I'm opening up my own door, and I am stepping through it. There's no plan, but I'm excited none the less. Where this path will take me, I don't know... That's the fun of it all.

Goodnight, until tomorrow... :)
Jewel x

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