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Jewel's House of Cards

Distraction Was Required And Met

It's not been the brightest of starts to my New year, Dear Reader.

I was woken up very early yesterday morning with a phone call from my Dad telling me that my Mum was seriously ill and in hospital. A couple of hours later, it was over Skype when Dad told me that Mum has got cancer again.

It was such a shock. They were certain this type of cancer hadn't managed to spread. That's what they told us. We've got it all, were the surgeons words to Dad and I. You believe them.

It seemed like yesterday would never end. I spent so many hours on the phone to relatives here in England, or that's how it felt, as my parents are in Sydney.

That huge amount of distance suddenly got a lot wider, and it was overwhelming. 

I can't do much from here, Hence all the phone calls. I could spare my parents that burden, and so I did.

So, this evening, with all the time difference, I distracted myself here and worked on the laptop (signed into Skype just in case), as the wind kept howling on and the rain lashing down outside all evening.

It's now 02:32 and there's not much more for me to do, now that I have thoroughly played with the website.

You'll find that nearly every page on my site has been adjusted, barring Contact Jewel and Spreads and Other things (having fun with Paypal, let's not go there right now... Grrr... ), and I have also added Testimonials and Reviews where you can share your thoughts of the website itself, and clients can send in their testimonials. And I do sincerely hope you will share opinions. 

Jewel's Links and Connections and Jewel's Pictures are now up too... With Jewel's Diary, About Jewel and Jewel's Welcome and Updates receiving some update attention as well... :)

I have to ask again, any suggestions for future Sunday Discussions??? :)

Now, I suppose you are wondering why I didn't see my mother's illness coming. 

There are 2 reasons for this. 1, I don't seem to pick up the cards to do a reading for myself, but I do "drop" what they want me to "know" when I shuffle them in between Clients (I do this to cleanse their aura/energy off the Cards so there is no confusion asto which energy I feel). 2, I find it hard to "see" myself, and the messages I need to interpret and pick up.

Like most situations in Life, it is always harder to see yourself than it is in others. This does apply to me when I read the Cards for myself. :| Sometimes, I wish that wasn't the case, but on this occasion, I'm glad I didn't see it coming.

It would have been a hard thing to live with, and nothing I could have done would've prevented it. There are some things we Readers have to keep quiet about, and this is one of those things, whether I could see it in the Cards or not, family or not. The burden would have been too heavy to bear and no one to have shared it with.

To finish up, here are my 5 things for the day:

1, I am grateful for all the well wishes and support offered to me by my immediate and extended family and close friends. Most people don't know yet, but those who do know, have been wonderfully kind. Thank you.

2, To my cat, Cocoa, who has become my new dishwasher! She entertained me greatly when she snuck up onto the table to lick my plate clean from the remains of my home made chicken and vegetable pie this evening! And I was such a big softie, I didn't have the heart to shoo and tell her off! :)

3, The owner of Curves and MB&S, L... that cup of tea and chat yesterday, and the pop up visit to my house, and the following work out at Curves was soul soothing. Thank you, especially.

4, The Christmas tree that is still up. The sight of it and its twinkling lights always make me smile and fill my heart with lightness and hope. I'll be sorry to see you put away in your box, but I'll look forward to decorating you again with lots of optimism  later on this year.

5, To you, Dear Reader, for letting me vent my thoughts with no judgement, no matter where you are, what you're going through, what your situation or problems might be. I'm thankful for the time you take to spend here, reading this, or looking elsewhere on this site. It means a lot and I need you to know that I'm grateful.

Until Next time... And I will try to be a bit more perkier and upbeat...!
Jewel x

2 Comments to Distraction Was Required And Met:

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Sue Pixie on 07 January 2012 01:49
Sending all of you lots of love, healing and blessings. I know how hard this situation must be to deal with, you are not alone and have love and support all around you xx
Reply to comment on 08 January 2012 19:12
:)Thank you, Sue. It means a great deal, and I don't feel alone, not like last time. I have wonderful friends around me to keep me strong. *Hugs* Hope you liked the website. Love and light, Jewel xx

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