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Colours in Tarot

Dear Reader,

As promised, today's Sunday Discussion topic is about colours in tarot. Again, I'll be referring to the Rider/Waite Deck. :) If you do own a different deck, please don't be put off. Colours mean the same no matter what deck you use. 

Their [colour] meanings apply to everything from other divination you may choose to use, art work you admire to the clothes you wear.

Colours can reflect your mood when you choose to use them, no matter what that form may be. Perceiving and understanding symbolism is key to reading the cards for yourself or for a Client. The cards are full of hidden meanings that do not necessarily appear every time for a Client, as the Reader, you're not always "meant" to see them, they don't apply to the client at the particular.

The same does apply to the colours used throughout your preferred Tarot Deck. stand out more to the Reader more so than others, even if they are dull or dark colours in any normal circumstance. I find, for myself, that black can seem "brighter" to me than white on the same card, say The World, for example. Black can mean doubt and negativity, and white can mean happiness and enlightenment.
Therefore there is a meaning behind why this colour standing out to me. Maybe the Client has succeeded in their accomplishments they had been striving to achieve (represented by the holding of the two wands in their hands), but they are still doubting their abilities/gifts. That doubt is wrapped around them, leaving them unable to see their talents and themselves clearly, and unable to enjoy their accomplishments with a lightness that that accomplishment deserves.

Before they can move forward in their life until they can see beyond their doubt to allow them to move on to the next part of their journey, and what joys lie in wait for them.

That is a difficult subject to tackle, and must be approached with care and sympathy, as they might not be willing to hear or accept what you may need to tell them. Or they could be ignorant of what is the root of the problem, of what has triggered such a response within them, and you're asking them to tackle a deeply intimate issue, asking them to bring it up to the surface to face it. 

Ultimately, take care of the person you are reading for, and do not push them. It is their decision if they wish to talk to you or not, and if they don't that day, they may come to you another time and will appreciate the consideration your showed them.

Like any intimacy, giving a reading requires a degree of trust and your Client will need that connection before they can talk to you about why they are really seeking your services as a Reader. 

Some colours may have the same meaning. Below is a brief overview of some of the colours and what each colour can represent to you, and you'll notice that the same meaning can pop up. The more research you do, the more in-depth your readings can become.

  • Black: Death, endings, darkness, destruction, the occult, negativity, sin, ignorance
  • Blue: Spirit, contemplation, emotion, water, sky, devotion, feelings, intuition
  • Gold: Attainment, illumination, sun, success, glory, the divine
  • Gray: Stormy weather, grief, mourning, sadness, depression, wisdom from experience
  • Green: New life, hope, fertility, growth, security, health, abundance, vitality
  • Orange: Fire, pride, ego, ambition, force, vitality, authority
  • Purple: Royalty, power, pride, esoteric understanding, psychic
  • Red: Blood, life, desire, action, strength, energy, courage, sex, death, passion
  • Silver: Moon, hidden knowledge, feminine intuition, inner self, psychic ability, emotions
  • White: Universal, purity, joy, happiness, truth, openness, enlightenment
  • Yellow: Sun, illumination, intellect, will, masculine power, caution

To conclude, when you are looking at any of the tarot cards, you're not just looking for the symbolism, but the depth within that symbolism: 
  • What is the colour also trying to tell you? 
  • What are you looking for?
  • And, why are you looking for it? 
  • What's pushing your instincts in that direction?

These are all very important points that you need to be "seeing" and must not be rushed. If you're not sure as you first unveil the card, leave it, and go back. Most clients will appreciate your honesty if you say "I'm not sure, let's move on for now." They would rather have your accuracy than your confusion. Sometimes that particular card won't make sense until others are revealed, as you may not be meant to "see" it until then. 

Please feel free to discuss, post your comments, thoughts and feelings. Even your arguments. :)

Jewel x

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maillot girondins de bordeaux 2012 on 24 July 2013 23:13
It was really helpful for me. Hold sharing these kinds of tips in the long term as effectively. This was in fact what I was hunting for, and I am glad to came listed here! Many thanks for sharing these kinds of a data with us.
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