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Jewel's House of Cards

A taxi ride home, a lesson in gratitude.

Hello, my lovelies,

It's been such a long time since I spent some time with you here, and not on facebook, tonight was the right time to come back to you.

I will not give you any excuses as you deserve more respect than that. I've simply not had the inspiration to write a blog post, and tonight, I received a gift that has led me here, back to you, and I hope that you will welcome be back into your hearts, as you've never left mine.

The inspiration...

This here, this website, and the work that comes from it, is not work for me, but pure joy. Here is where my soul is happy, but as some of you know through my social media activity, I have a job in the railway industry. Through the work I did today, I was granted a wonderful lesson in gratitude, our Creator (God, Allah, Buddha, or the name your religion has blessed our Creator with) and how to be happy in life.

A lot can happen when you meet a person, and I have found that you can have the most profound conversation with a stranger. Tonight's stranger for me was the taxi driver taking me home from work.

He was a lovely man, who had mala beads hanging from her rear view mirror, and once I asked him if that's what they were, so the lesson began...

We talked about how, as humans, we always need more. How we can never settle for what we have. What more can we need than the clothes on our back, the food on the table and the roof over our head, the family we come home to?  We don't. 

For when we have a happy heart, a peaceful mind, and gratitude what more is there?

This taxi driver talked to me about how he gives everything to Allah, his worries, his joys, his fears, and how he has faith in Allah to help him provide for his family, how he knows he has more than enough because he can throw away unwanted food if he so desired to. He told me how he never asks for money, but for what he needs. He doesn't ask how, he trusts and knows it will come. Even his marriage is a gift from Allah, who knew what he needed better than he knew himself. 

We, in this life, are so lucky. We have so much. Here I am, talking to you on a laptop. I have a warm house because of the central heating and electricity to power the laptop, the kettle and the lights that I switched on as I came home. 

The last 2 years (from June 2012 to June 2014) have been the hardest times I have ever experienced, I was in constant physical pain, my job on the railway threatened, I went onto zero pay and was living on one benefit, but the day I received my first full pay packet, I realised how fortunate I was.

All the lessons that I have learned in that time will stay with me forever. I have a job that allows me to follow my joy, to study and grow, to provide a roof over my head, to feed myself and my cat, to clothe me, to give me a warm home. I have a brother I adore, friends and people I love and who love me.

We have so much in this life that we take for granted, and tonight I was reminded of all the blessings I receive every day without realising it.

Don't let a day go by without showing your gratitude. Wake up and say thank you for all you received, and all you are about to receive.

Thank you.

Many blessings, and all my love,
Jewel x

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