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Helpful tips on how to cope with energy shifts...

Have you been feeling particularly tired and drained over the past few days, Cherubs?

As sensitive souls, we are very susceptible to energy shifts, and the current one that we are going through is a doozy of a shift. Like the beginning of a new season, there is a fluctuation in temperatures, conditions, and energy shifts are exactly the same, and we need to be able to ride out the storm until the energy settles back down.

As Doreen Virtue suggests, you need to ensure that you are taking extra special care of yourself, during the ups and downs of this shift, whilst it is a positive one, may cause your ego to trigger and here are some tips to help support you as we move through this upcoming week.

1. You must rest when you can. Take plenty of naps, even little power naps. Sleep is a wonderful way to absorb healing energies from the divine, as well as being restorative. Also, you can receive messages as you sleep, as well as join Archangel Chamuel for the lessons and learning that you need to receive for your next phase. This allows you to have deeper, restful sleep at night as you have taken the pressure off and are no longer learning during the night alone. This is a very happy medium, one your body will thank you for.
2. Make sure that you are taking steps to shield yourself properly. and here are a few options for you; 
You can call upon Archangel Michael to cloak you in a shield of cobalt blue. 
You can visualise yourself in a bubble of white light, a colour you are drawn to, or a combination of royal purple, deep emerald green, copper orange and deep pink, as these colours represent Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Jophiel. These colours will provide protection, healing, convey messages to you from your angels, and love. Love should be apart of your bubble as it will reflect love out to others, and towards you.
3. Carry crystals that will support and uplift your energy levels when you are out and about at work. Clear Quartz is a wonderful all round healing crystal that will help to keep your chakras cleansed and balanced. Haematite will help you to be grounded and centred for when you must focus with work, but also keep you from drifting away when you feel out of your body or floating away. Amethyst will assist in protection as well balancing your third eye, bolster your intuition, and help you rest deeply. Green Aventurine will also keep your heart chakra open to the giving and receiving of love.
4. Drink plenty of fresh water; if you have a water filter at home, great! Take some with you in a glass bottle. Avoid caffeine, fizzy drinks and alcohol at this time as these may cause your ego to take hold, and cause unnecessary stress to occur. 
5. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Be aware of where the food you are eating comes from and say a prayer of gratitude before you eat. If you can, lean towards more organic based foods as their vibrations are much higher, also look at how any meat, dairy or fish products are sourced. Avoid all forms of fast foods, including frozen meals and take-aways. Prepare everything yourself as much as possible as you will be able to prepare, cook and present your meals with a truly loving touch.
6. Pamper yourself. Take salt baths with flower petals and essential oils and soak neck deep to allow toxins to be withdrawn. Light candles, listen to soft music, apply a face mask, use a body scrub and moisturise. Also, in the mornings, take the extra time to sit in your garden with a cup of herbal tea (caffeine free) and watch the sunrise with your feet bare and on the earth (damp with morning dew is best). This will help you become much more grounded for the day ahead, as well as enabling you to connect with Mother Earth. 
7. Communicate. Share your feelings with like minded souls, you can learn so much from your friends. Talk to your angels. Give away any fears or worries you feeling to them. Cut cords with Michael's help. Meditate and communicate with your higher self. By keeping these channels of communication open, you will be guided and supported always. 

I hope that these tips will always be of great use to you, during any time where you feel you are going through a wobble, regardless of the source, as well as every day life.

All my love, 
Jewel x

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